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          The All-county basketball tournament is an annual event that was established in 2008. This highly anticipated event currently gives former collegiate athletes as well as statewide residents the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents to the general public. Likewise, it allows the community to come together and enjoy not only one another, but some exciting basketball as well. Over the years we have been able to supply the community with clothing, toys, school supplies, and gift cards from various businesses. Our long-term goal is to host this event in multiple cities, bringing the utmost elite teams back to Milwaukee for a national tournament. Ultimately, we strive to build a name and brand that is dedicated to providing the community with a positive experience.

          Recently we've added a youth camp for kids along with a free throw competition for ladies. Furthermore, our theme remains "HEALTH AND WELLNESS". We aim to inspire the community, especially our youth, to have a better understanding and appreciation for wholesomeness. We truly believe that having a healthy mindset is essential in order to be productive, and successful in today's society. In addition, we hope to contribute to the uplifting of a world that is active, more aware, and exceeding what it is now.

          Thanks to the combined efforts of family, friends, and local businesses we have been able to make this event a continued success. Unfortunately, as the tournament has progressively evolved throughout the years, so have the overhead costs. We invite you to come aboard to assist us with the important work we are doing here within the community.

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