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All-County ATHLETICs

All-County Athletics is a nonprofit organization geared towards empowering the people and strengthening  the community through forums, youth camps, and sporting events.

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We aim to inspire the community, especially our youth, to have a better understanding and appreciation for wholesomeness. Through our camps and events we have been able to spread this message. We truly believe that having a healthy mindset is essential in order to be productive and successful in today's society. All-in-all we hope to contribute to the uplifting of a world that is active, more aware, and exceeding what it is now!


Our vision is to establish an educational and recreational facility that provides Milwaukee's youth with competitive activities, promoting personal growth through academic in-class settings and on-the-field training. Our aim is to foster future leaders who will contribute positively towards the community. At our resource center, we intend to create a better community for families of tomorrow by providing holistic programs that encourage creativity, imagination, and healthy living. Ultimately, our goal is to create uplifting experiences within our local communities by leveraging athletic competition, performing arts, physical activity, and entertainment as tools to eradicate violence and negativity from our neighborhoods.

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